Vialone dwarf semi-fine

The plant has a short stem with a deep brown spike. The shiny grains are pearly white, well shelled and compact, with a short, rounded shape. The ‘Semifino Vialone Nano’ variety is a special rice that is grown throughout the Po Valley, but is also known in the rest of Italy. This “typically Italian” variety was created in 1937 by crossing Vialone and Nano.

Vialone semi-fine dwarf 500 gr

Vialone Nano rice vacuum-packed in 500 grams in an elegant box. Every year Riseria delle Abbadesse selects the best lots of paddy rice, which are patiently stored for the 30 months necessary for ageing. Once the aging period is over, the rice is processed and packaged.

Vialone semi-fine dwarf vacuum-sealed 1 kg

Vialone Nano rice in a 1 kg vacuum pack that allows perfect conservation while maintaining the natural values, fragrance and freshness of the product.

Vialone semi-fine dwarf vacuum-sealed 1kg and package

Vacuum-packed Vialone Nano rice 1kg, in a cloth bag with the logo of Riseria delle Abbadesse. Ideal for gift wrapping and favours.